Let’s Be Honest, You Probably Don’t Know The Origin Of ‘Happy Hour’


Let’s Be Honest, You Probably Don’t Know The Origin Of ‘Happy Hour’

It’s nice to get done with work and let the worries of your day fall from your shoulders, aided by a couple of of ice-cold drafts. Throw in the best burgers and shakes you can get your hands on and you’re ready for night long hibernation.

About 24% of Americans visit casual dining restaurants once every week. These casual dinners include a lot of families who are having a night to avoid cooking, change the routine, or are just craving authentic hamburgers prepared and served to their liking.

Others — more frequent flyers — leave work and hit that sweet spot we know and love as happy hour. It’s become so ingrained in casual dining and drinking establishments that it’s very much part of the end-of-day American ritual. But, where did it come from? You might be surprised to know that the American tradition of happy hour originated in the 19th century and revolved around a mysterious and misunderstood spirit: Absinthe.

In France and Switzerland in the 1800s, absinthe was wildly popular. In a short span of time, the spirit was sipped by all echelons of society. Of course, during this time period, mingling social classes didn’t often happen. Absinthe changed that and everyone enjoyed it. At the peak of its popularity, people would gather at the end of the day for l’heure verteThe green hour.

The green hour gathered people from all parts of society into cafes, bars, whatever establishments carried absinthe (which was most of them) and they’d cast off differences and drink together. This end of day tradition would eventually evolve into what we know to be happy hour.

People casting off differences to join one another for a drink at the end of the day is a happy thing indeed. We love nothing more than people coming together for food, drink, and merriment. Now you know that you have absinthe to thank for those happy hour specials you love so much. Nice moves, France. A votre sante!

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